How to choose the best air purifier and why you need one

Cats, dogs, birds, rodents, children, significant others – your household air can become dirty quickly with all those living things dropping hair, feathers and skin. Not only does the air become contaminated by dust, but also mites that feed on dry skin and what pets leave behind.

Mites are tiny insects that you cannot see and they are everywhere. Every living being hosts mites in some form or another. However there are some mites that you do not want around and even less do you want them flourishing in your home.

Besides the fact that mites are disgusting, they also spread diseases and allergies. Mites themselves feed off dead skin, hair and bird dust (if you have a bird). They feed themselves until they are stuffed full and then die. Believe it or not but mites never poo. They simply eat themselves full and die. When they die they degrade and become dust. This is just another thing floating around in your home. And you are breathing it.

When an animal or human coughs, sneezes and even speaks: small particles of moisture are released into the air. The particles of moisture are so small that they float in the air falling on things you touch and eat. Now most of these particles in the air from people sneezing and coughing are relatively harmless. However, some viruses can linger in the air for hours before dying. If you breath the air before the virus dies – you can catch the virus.

You do not want to be breathing dead mites, dust and particles released from other people. There are common curtsies like sneezing into your arm, coughing into your arm, washing hands and general hygiene. But even you are shedding skin and hair on a regular basis and if you have pets they are too. So what should you do about it?

Honeywell makes the best air purifiers on the market. They are not only the best air purifiers they are also the most economical and they actually work. Honeywell purifiers are used in the aircraft industry as well as by space programs and clean rooms for special manufacturing and biochemistry work.

Picking an air purifier is relatively simple and it comes down to one simple thing: matching the size of the air purifier unit to the size of the area you want to purify in square footage. Finding the square footage of an area is easy. Measure the width and length of the room. For example: 15.5ft by 20ft wide room. Now find the square footage of the floor: 15.5(width)x20(length) = 310 square feet. Now you know that you need an air purifier with the minimum capacity of 310 sqft.

Square Foot Calculator


Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Remover, HPA300

For rooms up to 465 sqft


Honeywell 50250-S 99.97% Pure HEPA Round Air Purifier

For rooms up to 390 sqft


Honeywell HFD-120-Q Tower Quiet Air Purifier with Permanent IFD Filter

For rooms up to 170 sqft


Knit Clog Slipper with Faux Fur by Muk Luk

They are not expensive. They are not gold and platinum plated. But they are damned good slippers.

Well, they are officially clogs but I still call them slippers. They are lined with synthetic “fur” and have rubber soles.

They last a long time they best part about them is they look like expensive clogs with all the comfort of knitting and fur without the expense.

The truth is no one wants fur anyway because that means you are wearing a dead animal on your feat. Uhg.

These aren’t the worst slippers. They aren’t the best slippers. Are they good slippers. You bet.

The Big Turtle Speaker that tried

Oh good, I have been looking for an outdoor speaker because my phone doesn’t have one and there aren’t enough speakers out there already.

I’m always looking for a new product that is going to make my life better. It is hard to find something new and original. Maybe even ground breaking. Is the Big Turtle Shell wireless boombox speaker what I have been looking for all this time? Probably not.

Okay, okay. It’s a speaker with Bluetooth as if there isn’t many wireless speakers already on the market. At least its Bluetooth 4.0 because that is important.

But wait! The primary benefit of the speaker is that it is all BOOM and loud because of its amazing design. Outdoor Technology claims the speaker is 110 decibels. For comparison: the iPhone 5 at full volume is 100.3 dB according to That means for nearly two hundred dollars you can take your iPhone from a snowmobile (100dB) to a power saw at 3′ (110dB).

The Big Turtle Shell is wireless and so there must be a power source. It is powered by rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries. It has up to 16 hours of power and has the capability to charge your other devices via USB part. Unfortunately charger your USB device also means draining your speaker.

Now Outdoor Technology claims the speaker is water proof to IPX-5 standards. I am not even going to look up IPX-5 standards. I am not that kind of nerd. Besides I really don’t care. I’ve been backpacking with twenty dollar 5 watt speakers strapped to my backpack and a twenty dollar pack rain cover was enough.

So here we are two hundred dollars in and I am out in the middle of the forest and my Big Turtle Shell batteries are dead and… I wish I had my 5 watt speakers. Better yet, I should just use my cell phone. Oh wait my cell phone needs batteries. Oh wait, I should have just used a CD player or cassette player if music was so important in the middle of the forest. If you want to do a little research you will see that a 5 watt speaker is 100dB at about 3 feet. Meaning that the Big Turtle Shell speaker is literally barely more effective than a twenty dollar speaker.

Now I highly recommend you go buy it so I can get paid. But that is about it. However, if you want your money’s worth then you might want to think about other portable wireless speaker choices.

This is all probably a little harsh. I mean it is a water resistant, portable, wireless, a little louder than plain mobile phone speaker, and it has rechargeable batteries for a whole 19 hours. But I can’t help to think that this belongs on a gimmicky TV informercial or maybe the dollar store.

There are seriously good outdoor speakers out there starting at 1/8th the price of the Big Turtle Speaker. They probably aren’t IPX-5 water resistant though. Whatever that is. Who cares though because you can buy waterproof speakers starting at ninety-nine dollars.

I am the best writer in the World

Every now and again I like to prove that I am the best writer in the World by choosing to write about a product that is so ridiculous and so what-the-hell-is-that, that I begin to wonder why I hate myself so much (besides the fact that I peaked in high school and I’m ugly and have no skill.)

You have probably already asked yourself what you are looking at. It is an Anemometer made by Vaavud, aptly named Sleipnir. Anemometer is the nerd term for a wind speed and velocity meter.

Vaavud is actually the name of the company which makes it and no, no one does know how to pronounce it. It is something Like Vaaaaaa-vUUUUd or Vaaaaa-vooooood. But even that is a guess. Unfortunately even the narrator for the product information video was not capable at pronouncing the company name or the product name very easily. As for the product name: Sleipnir, I have no idea what that is or how to say it.

So, if you like flying kites the Vaaaaaaavooooood Sleipnir is for you. Just kidding. It is not for flying kites, even though you could probably use it for that.

Vaavud’s Wind Speed/Direction Meter is actually marketed for activities like windsurfing and kitesurfing and similar nautical activities. Which makes more sense than the name of the product and the company. The company website states that the product is also helpful for farmers but I do not see how that could be the case unless the farmer simply needs to know where to stand upwind of their dairy farm.

The Vaavud claims the meter is compatible with iPhones 4, 4S, & 5 even iPad 2, 3, 4 and Samsun Galaxy S2, S3, S4. Which I guess is good to know but not all that interesting.

Supposedly the Sleinir is doesn’t require electricity. It simply spins around and generates electrical pulses based on the spin speed. I think. It makes sense to me, at least. Where I am really going is that maybe someone should think about making an iPhone charger that uses wind speed to charge the phone. Just saying.

None of that stuff is really interesting. I mean this is just a wind meter. It is not that interesting. Its just another notifier device. It is also not a new idea. Wind speed and direction meters have been around for a very long time. However, the Sliepnir is actually cheaper by, in some cases, more than one hundred dollars.

Actually, though, the Sliepnir is unique comparatively because it is capable of determining wind direction. Which is important to note because most other Anemometers do not measure wind direction or they are more expensive.. That is a pretty big win for the Sliepnir.


Now, the Sliepnir works by plugging into the phone’s audio-jack. Which, yes, is generally on the bottom of the phone which is why the iPhone is pictured upside-down in the promo pictures. A little weird, yes but it’s practical and to my knowledge there is nothing wrong with an upside down phone.

The device requires an app installed on the phone. Which is no big deal. I guess. That is just how it works. But look, the point is: it works.

But it is gimmicky and kind of just another gadget? Probably.

Is it cheap enough of a product to find out? Probably. Do you get what you pay for? Most definitely.

Would a simple wind sock be just as helpful with less trouble and less cost. Probably.





It’s not what you think it is

No, it’s not a vibrating stick or a tampon. It’s a curling wand that heats up to a searing 410 degrees in only a mere 30 seconds. It’s your hair styling wonder machine and your hair’s worst nightmare.

Apparently there are people out there that think heating their beautiful locks of hair to 410 degrees is a good idea. But there are also people that think plastic surgery doesn’t make them look like Frankenstein monsters. So, I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise that people like scalding their hair in appreciation of themselves.

I guess that using a tool on your hair that requires special styling heat blocking gloves is really a thing and some 1,000+ people have used them.

Maybe instead of burning your hair off you get a therapist who can help you learn to appreciate your hair for what it is. You’re not as ugly as you think you are.

Normally if someone said they wanted to burn your hair while it’s still on you head I would say to kick them in the face and dial 911. But apparently girls dig this stuff. We all know how much girls like being self-destructive. It’s sort of beautiful I guess. I mean that one girl was totally hot because she was a hair burner.

If you are burning your hair with 410 degrees and wearing special gloves for that process – you are doing it right.


Do pull-ups so you feel better about yourself

Every once and a while that itch creeps in to do pull-ups and get a strong back and shoulders. It’s just that sit-ups and push-ups are some what limited because the back is pretty excluded for those exercises.

You can get ripped doing only push-ups, sit-ups and pull-ups. The problem is just actually having a place to do pull-ups. Doing on the door frame was great when you weighed 45lbs but at some point the door frame is going to break apart because there are only a few small molding nails holding the wood together.

Naturally the most economical solution is to use an indoor door frame pull-up bar. But they tend to destroy door molding. So, it’s really not that great of a solution.

But what can you do? It’s probably the only solution unless you want to take up half your house with a full-size workout equipment with a pull-up bar.

The other option is to just get a gym membership. But gym memberships suck. It is not that they are expensive its just the whole sign this, sign that, pay this, pay that. When did having a gym membership become equivalent to signing papers for buying a car?

The real issue with the door frame pull-up bar is that it puts pressure on a small area. Some people have been successful at tapping towels around the pull-up equipment bars so that it widens the pressure area on the door frame. You should probably still count on a little bit of damage to the molding.

To this day I have yet to buy one. Because every time I think about it I remember that it has potential to damage the door frame. But then I am conflicted because other than a gym membership what else am I supposed to use for pull-ups???



The best headphones no one is talking about

A few months ago I decided to buy new headphones because my earbuds were uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time. The sound was good and they were not cheap earbuds. However like all earbuds they would become loose and only sounded good when they were snug. Plus I had to clean them regularly because they were literally inside my ear all day.

I wanted headphones that were high quality in sound and materials. There was no limit to my budget for new headphones. I had thousands of dollars in my bank account and a thousand or two dollars for headphones is chump change as far as I am concerned.

So I set out looking for the best headphones that can be bought.

I looked at audiophile open ear headphones, closed ear headphones, overhead, behind the head. Everything. Every brand from USA, Japan, China, Germany and so on.

There are crazy headphones out there. You can get gold plated if you want. There are wireless headphones too of course.

But here is the deal: I do not want to have yet another thing that needs to charge. I do not want gold plated headphones because they are heavy.

My one real requirement was that the headphones had to be over ear. Because over ear headphones can be worn for endless hours and not cause discomfort.

Open ear headphones are supposed to be the “best” and cost upwards of $2,000. They claim to have a wide range of audio waves and this and that. They are not special. All the goofy special features adding audio quality is subjective I would have dropped a few thousand on headphones if I was actually paying for something.

It got to a point where I was looking at $2,000 headphones that were just so ridiculously over-engineered it was insane and I began feeling bewildered and depressed.

The more I researched headphones and headphone audio quality I learned a couple things:

Human ears can hear a limited range of sound waves. It does not matter how awesome your headphones are if they are playing sound at a range your ear cannot even detect.

Headphones, because of their size, are limited in how good of an audio quality they can produce. The reason is that headphones have one speaker playing high and low pitch sounds (treble and bass). Larger sound systems divide treble and bass sounds to different speakers. So that each speaker is responsible for a specific range of sound. Meaning that a treble speaker doesn’t have to create big low vibrations and quick high treble vibrations at the same time.

Headphones are not supposed to be about quality. Obviously, you want the best audio quality you can get and the good news is that is not hard. The real deal about find the right headphones is finding headphones with a well rounded set of qualities.

The point being that headphone audio quality can only get so good. There becomes a point where headphone speakers can only be so special. No matter what the marketing material says. There are physical facts of reality that trump marketing claims.

There is also a point where headphone speakers play sound that your ear cannot even hear. So be weary of paying thousands of dollar for headphones  claiming to have a wider range of audio that you have never heard before.

After researching hundreds of headphones I decided that it there was just no reason to be spending hundreds of dollars on headphones and even much less of a reason to spend thousands. It simply does not make any more sense than paying a million dollars for a turbine jet engine powered car. When a V12 can already take you faster than you can physically go in a car without dying.

At some point in my research I came across the Sony MDR 7506 headphones. I found that they are the standard for the audio industry. Not only that they are damn good looking headphones.


Sony has been making the 7506 headphones for over a decade. So you can benefit from low cost mass production.

The 7506 headphones also matched all my requirements and then some. Comfort, over ear, closed, long cable, and audio quality.


I am on the computer 15 hours or more a day. I wear them for hours at a time and have never had discomfort other than if its hot my ears get a little sweaty. I work in air conditioning where it is generally pretty chill. So, heat is not a problem.

They have a 9.10ft cord. Its coiled up and I can have them plugged in and work around an office without taking them off.

The plug is gold plated so that the audio going through the plug has very low resistance and does not degrade the sound.

I really wanted a pair of super expensive luxury headphones but I the end I discovered that ultra-expensive headphones would only make me ridiculously foolish. In the end it I learned that price wasn’t that important. It was simply about the best.

To be honest it was sort of a surreal moment learning that price does not equal best. I always thought that getting the best meant buying the most expensive. It never occurred to me that lots of money can’t actually buy everything. However a little bit of money can buy me the best. Mind blowing.

Look, if you are thinking about blowing hundreds or thousands of dollars on headphones consider the Sony MDR 7506‘s because millionaires, audio professionals, and musicians use them and they can buy any headphone in the world without regard to price. Best of all you never have to say, “Wait a minute my headphones’  battery just died.”